1. Organize

Strongbox 1. Organize

Tagging, search and anywhere access make organization a snap for usually homeless passwords, etc.

2. Secure

Strongbox 2. Secure

Featuring local only encryption, instant-sync & cloud backup, along with 3x redundant storage.       

3. Share

Strongbox 3. Share

Share with team members, co-workers, clients or family. Stay in-sync & prevent password resets!

We guarantee you will find Strongbox useful!
Key features:

Auto Sync

Any changes you make instantly sync to all your devices (web, desktop, WP7). Offline access too.

Cloud Backup

If your PC breaks or your phone gets lost, your information is fully intact, automatically, reliably, no setup required.

Secure Share

Share groups of credentials, etc. securely with team members or clients. Always in sync, no more password resets!

Revisions, Audit

Go-back-in time and recover data accidentally changed or deleted. Track who changes what & when.

Truly Secure

Your password never leaves your phone or computer and is not stored anywhere.
Encryption occurs locally. You are the only one that can decrypt your data!
Strongbox doesn't sacrifice security for convenience.
Strongbox is not meant to be an auto-login or a form filling app (i.e. Lastpass).
Encryption done with military grade AES algorithm.
All information is fully encrypted at all times, it is never stored or sent over a network unencrypted.
Secure and reliable cloud datacenter, your data is more secure in the cloud than on your device!
Uses world class secure data center, 3 times data redundancy, multiple geo-locations and 99.8% service availability.

Great For Business

Improve business continuity, make life easier for yourself and your client.
Manage & share credentials with clients. Provide always up to date, secure access to all passwords, keys and accounts.
Anywhere, anytime access.
Access on the phone, web or desktop. All apps work in offline mode & auto sync when connected.

Personal Use

Store your own (& your grandmothers) passwords.
Strongbox is very easy to use. You can share with family, and use our phone apps as a great portable wallet.
Everyone needs the same security.
You don't have to be a pro to benefit from the same strong encryption and reliable storage.